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Article 2017 Mobility market trends

Mobility scooter market trends A key goal of this research study has actually been to determine present numbers of UK movement scooter users together with future patterns, drawing on offered commercial market data. Such information, it was thought, might possibly expose trends in scooter sales as well as trends in sales of movement scooters relative to wheelchairs.
In our analysis we have actually taken a look at both published business market data and 2 recent market studies of the mobility products sector by Consumer Focus in 2010 and the Workplace of Fair Trading (OFT) in 2011. We have actually also consulted with a number of key market stakeholders including the British Health care Trades Association (BHTA), Motability and a sample of retailers and makers. Details of these research studies, data and assessments are offered below.

Secret findings? Much of the published commercial market information is insufficient or irregular and ought to be treated with care. This view is verified by the OFT and Customer Focus market studies and our assessments with market stakeholders.
" Best quotes" making use of all sources including our consultations put UK yearly sales worth of "mobility devices" (defined as scooters, wheelchairs and day-to-day living helps such as stairlifts, walking frames, rails and bathing hoists) at approximately ₤ 500 million (OFT) and UK sales worth of mobility scooters and wheelchairs at approximately ₤ 200 million (BHTA); annual sales varieties of mobility scooters at roughly 80,000 per annum and the overall number of movement scooter users at 300,000-- 350,000 per year (BHTA).
Sales of mobility scooters are increasing at a rate of roughly 5-10% per annum.
There is substantial growth in the pre-owned market and in internet sales, in addition to in retail advertising.
Registered Retail Registered Costs (RRPs) for mobility scooters do not accurately show list prices which are frequently quite lower.
Class 2 boot scooters are the most popular kind of movement scooter.? It prevails for mobility scooter users to own more than one scooter, or to utilize a wheelchair too.

Evaluation of marketing research
Business market data An evaluation of the published industrial market information in this area unfortunately reveals a lack of detailed constant information. This holds true of market information for the "devices for disabled people" market as a whole, however is particularly the case at sub-sector levels such as "movement devices" or "movement scooters". In these cases data is sometimes not collected; and when it is collected different research study companies use various methodologies, and often different meanings. The term "movement equipment" can be used to describe just wheelchairs and movement scooters. Others specify "mobility devices" or the "mobility sector" as including wheelchairs.

Movement scooters market study
movement scooters plus other "everyday living helps" including devices such as stairlifts, get rails, bathing devices etc. Provided these disparities of meaning and approach market information does have to be treated with care.
A more factor cited for the absence of extensive data is the complexity of the market-- in particular the diverse range of distribution channels, from the NHS to mainstream, professional and online retail. Lastly, where business market information and reports are readily available, they are primarily aimed at business financiers and consequently their focus is on the monetary performance of the companies included and the worth of the sector, rather than the number of systems offered. Offered the large range of kinds of mobility scooters and retail prices it is not possible to determine overall numbers of movement scooters offered from annual sales worth information with any accuracy.
The two primary market data reports that talk about the movement scooter market are published by Key Keep in mind Ltd1 and Worldwide Market Analysts2 and in Table 1-- Table 3 listed below we summarise this information. It needs to be kept in mind that each business collects data in a little different methods and it is not possible to make direct contrasts. Key Keep in mind Ltd make use of Office of National Statistics for manufacturing sales of devices for their analysis and International Industry Analysts gather information at producer's level. Nether report includes any remark or information connecting to the pre-owned market or internet sales from abroad providers or makers. Information on numbers of movement scooters offered each year is instead of sales worth is just available from Global Industry Experts, who report 2011 sales of 122,000 units.

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