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choosing a mobility scooter or wheelchair

Things to think about when picking mobility products.

Occupational therapists or physiotherapists from a healthcare facility, regional authority social services team or employed by an Impaired Living Centre can encourage you on equipment ideal for your requisites and on what is available. You may wish to take into consideration the following points when choosing devices on your own.

Make sure products adhere to the British Standards. Equipment that has actually been checked and endorsed by the British Standards Institute (BSI) is marked with the BSI Kitemark.
Check how comfortable the equipment is and that it is effortless for you to make use of. Where feasible, try it out in advance. If shopping for costly equipment to help with showering or toileting, you may well want to request a test in your very own home so you can try it out appropriately. Make sure it will be able to be utilized in the environment in which you want to utilize it.
Make sure the devices is in good condition and is suitable for the activity you require it for. Check it is easy to use with or without help which suitable and understandable instructions for usage or coaching in use are offered.
If you have to transport the equipment, for example a motorized wheel chair or other walking aid, consider how easy this will be. Does it fold up or come apart? Is it easy to do this? Will it suit your automobile? Think about whether there suffices space to keep it in your house.

Inspect about repair work and upkeep of the devices. Is it feasible to discover extra parts and somebody to fix the equipment if needed?
Does the equipment have to be serviced frequently and if so, just how much does this cost? What sort of after-sales service does the company offer? Does the devices featured a warranty?
Examine the company policy on returning equipment if you do not need it anymore, for instance your requirements alter or you move to a care house. Some companies have a buy-back guarantee scheme but examine the information about just how much loan you receive if you return the product.
Think about getting insurance coverage to deal with accidents and malfunction repair works for bigger items such as electric scooters or power chairs. You may be able to obtain equipment pre-owned. The Disabled Living Structure provides information on this.

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