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Article - 2017 Disability Grants

Obtaining a Disabled  Facilities Grant
A DFG is readily available from the housing department of the local authority. You can approach either the real estate department or the social services department to look for a DFG. Whilst the formal application should be made to the housing department, oftentimes you may be encouraged to very first technique the social services department. You can ask your local home improvement company (HIA) to assist you with the application. The real estate department is accountable for deciding if you get a grant. They must seek advice from the social services department to choose exactly what adaptations are 'required and appropriate'. This usually means you get a go to from an OT. They evaluate you and make suggestions on what has to be done. The housing department must be satisfied the works are 'affordable and practicable' in relation to aspects such as the age and condition of your home. The evaluation is typically carried out by an environmental health officer, a structure property surveyor from the local authority or someone from a HIA collectively with the OT who visited your home to carry out your requirements evaluation.
Who can apply? You can get a DFG whether you are a house owner or the renter of the home. Specific licensees or occupiers of houseboats or park houses can also apply. You do not have to be the disabled person for whom the works are needed. For example a property owner, can apply to have their residential or commercial property adjusted for a handicapped tenant. The applicant must sign a certificate stating the handicapped resident will live in the home for a minimum of 5 years after the works are completed or for a much shorter period if there is health or other special reasons. This may be difficult for private tenants as the majority of have assured-short-hold occupancies with security of tenure for only the very first six months of an occupancy. To learn more about DFG's and private tenancies, see factsheet 67, Home improvements and repairs. Local authority tenants and tenants of registered providers of social real estate are eligible to get a DFG and are assessed based on their needs on the exact same basis as personal occupants and owner-occupiers. In these circumstances, the local authority or housing association decide whether to perform the work utilizing its own resources for capital works or to refer for a DFG.

Note You will not normally get a DFG if you begin deal with your property prior to the regional authority authorizes your application.

Age UK factsheet 42 (modified July 2017) February 2017 Disability devices and home adaptations Page 11 of 30
4.5 The means test The DFG is implies checked for adults. In its monetary evaluation, the local authority takes into account your income and cost savings which of your partner if you have one. This applies even if the application is made by someone else such as the owner of the home. This implies if you are a single disabled individual dealing with a grown-up child in your home, it is just your income and not hers that is included in the ways test. Your capital is taken into consideration, together with your partner's if you have one. Particular capital is overlooked, for instance your house. The first 6000 of your capital is overlooked. If you are under 60, a tariff income of  1 is included for every 250 you have over 6000. The tariff earnings is  1 for every 500 if you are 60 or over. Tariff income is an assumed addition to the income part of the methods test. Your income is worked out as an average over the past 12 months, or a shorter duration if this enhances accuracy. There are particular profits and earnings neglects. A suitable amount is exercised related to your weekly living requirements and those of your household, with a real estate allowance of 61.30 a week included. If your earnings is less than, or equal to, the appropriate quantity, you are not generally expected to add to the expenses of the works. If your income is more than the applicable amount, you may only get part of the DFG amount or potentially none at all. If you receive the following benefits, you do not normally need to make a contribution unless there are other individuals likewise being assessed who do not receive such advantages:? Pension Credit Warranty Credit? Income Support? Income-related Work and Support Allowance? Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance? Housing Benefit? Council Tax Reduction/Support? Working Tax Credit or Kid Tax Credit with gross taxable income of less than  15,050.

Keep in mind At the time of composing the government has not specified how the methods test will take account of Universal Credit

A detailed guide on working out your contribution remains in the Disability Rights Handbook, published by Disability Rights UK, or you can get in touch with the regional authority or a company such as a regional Age UK or HIA to get further details.

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